The level B2 course is for those people who have already studied a little and speak a little and want to deepen their knowledge of Spanish.

Temary level B2

This Spanish course for foreigners is focused on improving all those disciplines which cost students the most when it comes to speaking Spanish fluently.

Verb tenses
Review of past indicative tenses
Go to + infinitive
Gerund periphrasis: continue / continue + gerund
Stop + infinitive
Affirmative and negative imperative + enclitic pronouns.
Uses of the simple conditional (I, in your place / I that you + simple conditional. Would you be so kind as to / Can you tell (him) that …)
Uses of the present of the subjunctive: what + subjunctive (you want, want); (preposition) + art. determined + that + present subjunctive / Being in favor / against + noun, infinitive + that + subjunctive)

Uses of ser y estar
Ser / estar + adjective (good, horrible …) / adverb (good / bad)
Being polite / being frowned upon + infinitive) / being logical / natural

Temporary markers
Adverbs and expressions of time

Discursive connectors
Argumentative: but; but nevertheless; further; then

Sentence constructions
As / when / where + present subjunctive
Indirect style introduction
Constructions with opinion verbs, in affirmative and negative sentences
As / when / where + pres. subjunctive
Relative constructions with the neuter pronoun “lo” to comment and discuss information: lo (de) que + verb; the + noun
Comparisons: what more / less; superlatives.
Impersonal constructions: the people; se / one + 3rd pers. Singl .; Uses of pron. you and them with generalizing value.
Conditional constructions: as long as + present subjunctive …
I like / love it / it surprises me / it catches my attention …


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    Spanish for those who know something else

    Course B2.1  – 60 hours

    A B2 level student will be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts that deal with both concrete and abstract topics, including technical texts, as long as they’re related to the student’s area of expertise. He/she can interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity, so that communication between both parties is effortless. He/she will be able to produce clear and detailed texts on a broad range of subjects, as well as defending his/her opinion on general-interest issues, indicating the pros and cons of different alternatives.

    B2 represent the intermediate stage of mastery or independent use of the language, a fundamental stage in the consolidation of the language, with level B2 being the last before the level C1. B2 is where students achieve a sufficient range of linguistic and non-linguistic resources to participate in communicative exchanges with a degree of precision, fluency and naturalness so that their interlocutors do not have to make any particular effort.


    What we offer

     All materials included.

    Online platform where you can practice the 4 skills, listening, reading, oral and written.

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