Speak without fear whatever your level


The conversation club sessions are free to choose, so you can come whenever you want.The sessions are to practice and break that fear that there is when speaking in Spanish. All the people who are in the club want to improve and that is why we must not be afraid of making mistakes. You are in the club to speak and nobody is going to judge you if you speak good or bad.


The sessions last 60 minutes and there can be a maximum of 10 people so you will have time to speak and give your point of view on the subject that we discuss that week.

Middle Beginners-Higher intermediates-Higher intermediates

All the conversation club sessions are for all levels, each participant will be able to hear different people with different levels and will be able to see how they are not alone in this process, it is not easy to speak another language.

Monday 10:00 am ( Spanish time )

Friday 18:30 pm ( Spanish time )

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