Learn Spanish at an advanced level with the B2 course.

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    If you’re looking to master Spanish, Hablatu’s B2 course is perfect for you. With its effective and enjoyable learning system, you can finally speak Spanish fluently and express yourself confidently in the language. It offers a wide range of vocabulary and grammar so you can learn the language at an advanced level.

    You no longer have to take expensive classes or stressful exams to learn a new language. With Hablatu’s B2 course, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a native Spanish speaker at an affordable cost. Plus, the fun and interactive activities ensure that both your study process and your results are enjoyable!

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    Total: 8 hours per month, divided into 2 sessions per week with a duration of 1 hour each class.


    Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently: Basic Course for Conversational Skills

    Discover our comprehensive basic Spanish course designed to help you not only master grammar but also express yourself confidently with native speakers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Spain as we take you beyond textbooks, teaching you everyday street Spanish that will truly make you fluent.

    What you’ll get:

    • Exclusive custom-made presentations
    • Downloadable PDF book with exercises

    This level is tailored for individuals who already possess some language skills and can hold a fluent conversation with native speakers.

    Start speaking Spanish with confidence today!